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Decision 82/QD-TTg dated June 23, 2008 by the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam defined the status and functions, duties and powers of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam as follows:

Status and functions:

1. The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam is an income-generating administrative unit under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, established on the basis of upgrading the Institute for International Relations.

2. The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam has the functions of undertaking strategic studies in international relations and foreign policies, undergraduate and postgraduate training and training of mid-career officials.

3. The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam with its headquarters in Hanoi, is a juridical personality, uses the seals with the national emblem, and has its own bank account as provided for by the law.

Duties and powers

1. Scientific research:

a) To study, synthesize and carry strategic forecast of the world situation, international relations, political, security, defence, economic, legal, cultural and foreign policy issues of countries and territories, to advise the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the formulation, planning and implementation of the foreign policy of the State;

b) To research and develop theories of international relations of Vietnam on the basis of the Vietnamese diplomatic history, and theories of international relations;

c) To cooperate in academic exchange with universities, academies, research centers and intergovernmental non-governmental organizations in the country and abroad in accordance with its functions and tasks;

d) Act as the focal point in the organization and management of scientific research activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. Training and mid-career refreshment:

a) Train human resources at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in international relations, international law, international economics, foreign languages and other subjects in accordance with the law;

b) Undertake training and organize mid-career refreshment courses in international relations, foreign policy, diplomatic skills, foreign languages for leaders, managers of ministries, provincial departments, officials, public employees in the foreign service, officials working at external relations departments of different ministries and localities; carrying out examination in professional diplomatic skills, foreign languages of relevant officials in accordance with regulations and assigned authority;

c) Undertake joint training at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, cooperative mid-career training in professional diplomatic training and foreign language studies with local or foreign institutes and organizations.

3. Edit and publish scientific works, studies, textbooks, teaching materials and other publications on external affairs, diplomatic history of Vietnam and the world, international relations and other related fields.

4. Participate in the dissemination of foreign policies and lines of the State.

5. Manage officials, employees, facilities of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam in accordance with provisions of the law and decentralization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

6. Perform other duties as assigned or authorized by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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