ASEAN Future Forum - Shaping the Future of ASEAN

14:00 01/04/2024

The ASEAN Future Forum 2024 with the theme " Toward fast and sustainable growth of a people-centered ASEAN Community" is an important initiative proposed by Vietnamese Prime Minister, H.E. Pham Minh Chinh. The forum will be held in Hanoi with the participation of government leaders, policymakers, experts, scholars, and representatives from the business community of ASEAN member countries, as well as interested partners and friends. This event aims to create a multilateral, multi-layered, and multidimensional platform to foster in-depth and comprehensive discussions on crucial issues for the future and development of ASEAN.

The discussion sessions at the Forum will focus on two main topics. The first plenary session will deliberate on shaping a sustainable development roadmap for ASEAN, revolving around key areas such as digital transformation, green and inclusive growth. The second plenary session will address the issue of enhancing comprehensive security, including economic, social, environmental, and digital aspects. The human security implications of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain will also be discussed.

Branding of the event

Notably, within the framework of the Forum, the Secretary-General of ASEAN will engage in a dialogue with youth representatives from Vietnam and other ASEAN member countries. The Secretary-General will share the future directions of ASEAN and emphasize the importance of the younger generation in promoting the development of the ASEAN community. This will be an opportunity for the youth to contribute their opinions and propose initiatives for the common development of the region.The ASEAN Future Forum will contribute practical policy recommendations to ASEAN leaders while enhancing understanding and cooperation among stakeholders to shape a bright and sustainable future for the ASEAN community. By creating a multi-layered and multi-dimensional dialogue platform, the forum also contributes to elevating the region's role and status at critical international forums, such as the upcoming United Nations Summit of the Future.

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