Students of the FICC visited the Cultural Information Center of the Japanese Embassy

07:30 11/12/2023

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan, the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam hosted a special event for students of the Faculty of International Communication & Culture - Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam on December 7th. The students had the unique opportunity to visit the Japanese Cultural Information Center of the Embassy and take part in the exchange session with the Embassy on culture and diplomacy.

The DAV students visit the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi

Attending the event included Ms. Kamitani Naoko - Director of the Japanese Cultural Information Center, First Secretary of the Embassy; other officials from the Embassy, Vietnamese Ambassador Luan Thuy Duong and students from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

Ambassador Luan Thuy Duong and Ms. Kamitani Naoko

Ms. Kamitani Naoko - Director of the Center, First Secretary, on behalf of the Embassy, expressed joy in welcoming Ambassador Luan Thuy Duong and the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam students. The participants exchanged insights on culture and diplomacy and shared stories about the close Vietnam - Japan relationship.

Vietnamese youth are contributing to foster the Vietnam-Japan cooperation

During the exchange session, the students were briefed on Japan's cultural diplomacy, communication efforts, and the Embassy's unique programs and activities organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam.

Embassy staffs are presenting Japan's cultural diplomacy]

The students were also introduced to and received Manga books - a cultural form interested by both Japanese and Vietnamese young people. The book tells a deep love story between Ngọc Hoa, a princess from the Nguyen Dynasty, and a Japanese merchant from 400 years ago.

The primary theme chosen by the Japanese Embassy to promote the Japanese culture in Vietnam is "UNDERSTANDING", emphasizing cultural similarities and historical connections between the two nations. The Embassy also organized fun quizzes and interaction with the students in order to encourage their sentiments on the Vietnam - Japan relationship.

During the exchange, Ambassador Luan Thuy Duong expressed sincere gratitude for the warm welcome extended by the Japanese Cultural Information Center and the Embassy to the delegation. The Ambassador highlighted the keyword "LOVE" to convey the profound affection and cultural appreciation of the Vietnamese people towards Japan.

Students are listening to the Embassy representatives introducing the Kimono

After the exchange, the students explored cultural exhibitions on Japanese landscapes, people, fashion, and traditional dolls, and received an introduction to the Kimono - the traditional attire of Japan.

The DAV students are in the Japanese Culture room

Nowadays, the relationship between Vietnam and Japan is not only a comprehensive strategic partnership but also a deeply rooted friendship marked by historical significance. The Japanese Embassy hopes that this visit and exchange will not only spread understanding of Japanese culture to the Vietnamese people but also lay the groundwork for deeper and more enduring cultural ties between the two countries and communities. It is hoped that the young generations of both nations will actively and meaningfully inherit and develop the Vietnam - Japan relationship.

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