Welcome message from DAV’s President

09:00 14/09/2020

Over 60 years of establishment and development, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) has earned the reputation of being a leading research and training institution of Vietnam in the field of international relations and foreign policy. DAV also ranks among the top 40 government-sponsored academic institutions in the Asia-Pacific

Welcome Message

from DAV Acting President 

Welcome to the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam!

DAV prides itself in being a cradle of generations of diplomats and public servants in charge of foreign affairs and international integration in ministries, agencies, organizations, associations, and localities throughout the country. DAV at the same time serves as a think-tank for  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, having cooperation, partnership, and membership relations with more than 80 universities, strategic and international studies institutions, and academic networks in the region and the world..

Entering the third decade of the 21st century, DAV is at a critical juncture.  Regional and international developments are increasingly new, swift, and complicated. Vietnamese diplomacy is assigned with new tasks and requirements compatible with the country’s potential power, prestige, and prospect in its course of more pro-active, comprehensive, and extensive international integration after more than 30 years of Doi Moi. International and domestic education systems are undergoing fundamental transformations under the impacts of the fourth technological revolution. Knowledge has become an engine for growth and determinant of national comprehensive development. Against that backdrop, demands for the training and research expertise that DAV can provide increase sharply with new expectations.

To meet the demands and expectations, DAV is well aware of the necessity and determined to renew our management model, expand the scope, innovate the method, and improve the quality of our research and training programs, upgrade our material and IT infrastructures, and develop our high quality human resources.

On the bases of long-established prestige and expertise, direct sponsorship and support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  expanding network of international cooperation,  rich human resources comprised of research and training experts most of whom graduated from leading Vietnamese, regional, and international education institutions as well as retired high ranking officials and senior diplomats, and effective combination of research and training, DAV is confident to enter a new phase of development. The goal we are aiming is to advance our mission of training high quality human resources and doing specialized and strategic studies at the service of Vietnam’s foreign affairs and comprehensive international integration.

For the period  2021-2025 and towards 2030, DAV is endeavoring to preserve our reputation of a forerunner  in Vietnam in terms of international relations research and training, and to become one of the leading  research and training institutions in the region.

Best regards,

Pham Lan Dung, PhD. Acting President