History and Development

14:56 23/09/2021

The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam was established in accordance with Decision 82/2008/QD-TTg dated 23 June 2008 by the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on the basis of upgrading the Institute for International Relations (successor of the College for Foreign Affairs established in 1959). The Academy carries out strategic research in international relations and foreign policies; undergraduate and graduate training and retraining of Foreign Service personnel; serves as “think tank” in foreign policy for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Party and the State.


    • First - Class Labour Order (1994)
    • Third - Class Independence Order (1999)
    • Second - Class Independence Order (2004)
    • Ho Chi Minh Order (2009)

Human Resources

The Academy has 211 researchers, faculty members and staff and is expected to have 350 personnel when it is in full service. The majority of researchers and faculty members hold master or doctor degrees and have received overseas training. Among them are 11 associate professors, 19 doctors, 59 masters currently lecturing and conducting research in international politics, international law, international economics, foreign languages, and media and cross-culture communication.


The Academy offers training at undergraduate and graduate levels in international relations, international law, international economics, foreign languages, and media and cross-culture communication. Each year, the Academy takes in 60 graduate and 450 undergraduate students in six disciplines of International Relations, International Law, International Economics, International Communication, English and French; 100 college students and 150 on-the-job students. Different training units form an establishment similar to a university with its own faculties and departments.

The Academy has cooperated with overseas universities to offer joint courses, invited foreign trainers to teach foreign languages and European studies and US foreign policies etc. By 2010, the Academy has trained 5000 students for 37 formal university enrolments, 2500 students in 23 secondary enrolments, 369 students in 10 master enrolments and 10 students in 1 doctor enrolment. It has also held 12 on-the-job and 5 second-degree training enrolments.


The Academy carries out strategic research and forecasts on world affairs, international relations, political and economic affairs, security, national defence, law, culture and foreign policies of different nations and regions. The Academy serves as “Think Tank” for the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Party and the State in foreign policies as well as history and theories of international relations.

Besides, it serves as the coordinator in the management of research projects of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It has carried out 250 studies in international relations at both state and grassroots levels. In the organizational set up of the Academy, the Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies is an affiliate of the Academy and has three centres, namely the Centre for Political and Security Studies, the Centre for Development and Economic Integration, the Centre for Regional and Foreign Policy Studies.

International Cooperation

The Academy is an active member of many regional and world research networks such as ASEAN-ISIS, NEAS, NEAT, and CSCAP etc. Researchers and faculty members of the Academy regularly attend international colloquiums, seminars and conferences held overseas. Every year, the Academy hosts 60 groups of scholars, international politicians for 60 international seminars. The Department of External Cooperation within the Office of Administration of the Academy acts as the focal point for all cooperation in training, academic research and scholar exchange with overseas universities, academies, institutes, research centres, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.

In-service training

The Centre for Continuing Education carries out training and convenes refreshment courses in international relations, foreign policy, diplomatic studies and foreign languages for mid-level officials, public servants and employees in the diplomatic service as well as other officials engaged in diplomatic activities from various ministries, agencies and localities.

Information and Documentation

The Centre for Information and Documentation archives and provides information relating to Vietnam’s foreign policy, strategies, political, economic and security situation of regions and countries as well as international organizations. It also seeks to further develop information resources for use in Vietnam and overseas. It has at its disposal 35.000 books and document titles in service of teaching and research of the Academy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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