History of Establishment and Development of the Department of Education and Training

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History of Establishment and Development of the Department of Education and Training

The Department of Education and Training was officially established under Decision No. 07/2019/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister dated February 15, 2019. 

 The Department of Education and Training has the function of "advising and assisting the Board of Directors of the DAV in formulating education and training strategies and plans; implementing training programs; managing student affairs; implementing international cooperation programs in education and training, including joint training programs; as well as organizing and conducting quality assurance and education accreditation activities", as stipulated in Decision No. 2008/QD-BNG dated July 15, 2019. 

The history of establishment and development of the Department of Education and Training is closely linked to that of the Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam (DAV), originally known as the Diplomatic School. The predecessor of the Department, known as the Academic Affairs Department, in operation from 1961 to 1975, was responsible for student enrollment, curriculum development, and student services from admission to graduation. During wartime when the school operated on a compact scale, the Department’s staff engaged in teaching a number of subjects and also in disseminating updated news on international affairs to other governmental agencies and training institutions. From 1975 onwards, in line with the post-war national reconstruction efforts, the compact scale of the former Diplomatic School gradually expanded, leading to corresponding evolutions in the organization, mandates and responsibilities of the Department. In 2019, the Department of Education and Training was established, comprising offices for undergraduate and postgraduate affairs, student affairs management, joint training programs, and testing and education quality assurance. Notably, the Testing and Education Quality Assurance office operates under a distinct mechanism, reporting directly to the Board of Directors.


Throughout the DAV’s development, the changes in the name of the Department of Education and Training reflect more than mere procedural adjustments. They symbolize the collective efforts of different generations of officials, from the institution’s inception to the present day, all contributing to the cultivation of successive cohorts of exceptional diplomats and young intellectuals dedicated to serving “Doi moi” and the

international integration of Vietnam. Mandated to advise the DAV’s Board of Directors in formulating education strategies and plans, the Department always plays a leading role in fostering innovative education approaches, facilitating the collaboration among faculties, and promoting the synergy between teaching and research endeavors within the DAV. As a department facilitating both academic and student affairs as well as guiding student career path, the Department team is carefully selected and nurtured to demonstrate professionalism, unwavering dedication, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, which centers around the mission of cultivating top-tier professionals and fostering human capital for Vietnam’s multifaceted integration.

In its evolution from a specialized training school for foreign service sector with only a few hundred students at most, the DAV now annually enrolls over two thousand students across eight majors, serving the diverse needs of society while upholding its tradition and esteemed reputation. Throughout the DAV’s development, the contributions and efforts of the Department have acted as the backbone, facilitating the rise and flourishing of all faculties and training programs.

Current organizational structure of the Department of Education and Training:

Office of Undergraduate Affairs

+ Joint training programs 

Office of Postgraduate Affairs 

Office of Student Affairs 

Office of Testing and Quality Assurance 

The current leadership team of the Department of Education and Training:

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thin, Vice President of the DAV and Director General, Department of Education and Training: 

Dr. Vu Tuan Anh, Assistant Deputy Director General, Department of Education and Training

Ms. Hoang Mai Huong, Director of the Undergraduate Affairs Office

Dr. Do Thi Thanh Binh, Director of Postgraduate Affairs Office

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Hiep, Director of Student Affairs Office

Mr. Hoang Van Hanh, in charge of International Cooperation in education and training

Ms. Phan Thanh Thuy, in charge of internships and career orientation for students, supporting communication in student enrolment

Ms. Vu Thanh Huyen, in charge of International Accreditation

Ms. Nguyen Minh Thu, in charge of Joint Training Programs