Information sheet on Doctoral Disertation

00:00 05/04/2024



Dissertation title: “US – Russia – China Strategic Competition in Asia-Pacific from 2016 to Present Times and Its Impact on Vietnam”


Major: International relations

Ref. Code No.: 9310206

Ph.D. Candidate: Nilov Roman Stanislavovich

1st Advisor: Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Phuong Binh

2nd  Advisor: Dr. Doan Mai Linh

Academic Institution: Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam



In Russia and around the world there is no consensus on the use of the concepts “competition” and “strategic competition”, so the theoretical contribution of the thesis is to analyze, clarify, compare the differences and similarities of the current concepts of “competition” and “strategic competition”, from where we will try to unify the concepts of “competition” and “strategic competition” to serve as a basis for analyzing the US-Russia-China strategic competition in Asia-Pacific.

In addition, the thesis contributes a new perspective to help clearly identify the regional political landscape in the process of forming a new world order under the impact of the US-Russia-China strategic competition in Asia-Pacific from
2016 to present times.

Moreover, the thesis is a new addition to the study of the national interests and foreign policies of such great powers as the USA, the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China towards the Asia-Pacific region as well as to the analysis of the balance of power in the region.

The thesis evaluates the impact of the US-Russia-China strategic competition in Asia-Pacific on Vietnam from the perspective of a Russian postgraduate student, and will hopefully contribute an objective perspective to the regional studies made by Vietnamese experts.

In the thesis, the author tries to present as comprehensively as possible the official position of the Russian Federation on the issues raised, and to sketch the strategic picture that is forming in the region.

In addition, the author hopes that through this thesis, Vietnamese researchers and diplomats will better understand the foreign policy of the Russian Federation in Asia-Pacific in the context of the hybrid war between Russia and
the West.

The research results of the thesis can be used as a reference in researching and teaching international relations science, the strategies of Russia, US and China towards Asia-Pacific at universities and international policy research institutes.