Narrow Talk on "International cooperation on Marine Scientific Research in regional multilateral mechanisms"

13:00 11/11/2020

On October 27 2020, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam hosted a narrow talk themed “International cooperation on marine scientific research in regional multilateral mechanisms” with the participation of nearly 40 delegates representing ministries, branches and experts related to the marine scientific research field.  

The talk focused on discussing and clarifying a few issues: (i) International legal basis of marine scientific research cooperation; (ii) Assessment of practical activities of the marine scientific research within ASEAN and between ASEAN and partner countries; (iii) Advantages and disadvantages in the current marine scientific research cooperation; (iv) Proposing initiatives and measures to improve capacity and resilience in the marine scientific research cooperation of ASEAN countries and contributing to the process of building trust and preventive diplomacy in the region. 

In recent years, the marine scientific research is drawing wide attention of the international community because of the demand on developing marine resources. To add to the story, negative impacts of resources exploitation on marine environment is of a great concern. Delegates underlined the potentials of cooperative development and cohesive promotion of the marine scientific research among countries that directly and indirectly enjoying benefit from the marine with the aim of adapting to remarkably natural condition changes in the last few years. In the Southeast Asia region, this field is also receiving more attention due to the increasing awareness of the potential values from the marine scientific research activities for sustainable development and interest assurance at sea. 

During the talk, delegates shared some experiences and suggestions for the region in general and Vietnam in particular to promote scientific research cooperation activities in the coming time to serve development and peaceful environment goals in the area./. 

Translator: Phương Thảo