Officials and lecturers of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam participated in the Seminar on FIBAA Accreditation Standards for Higher Education Programs

09:00 19/04/2023

On March 20, 2023, officials from the Examination & Quality Assurance Department and lecturers from various departments of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam took part in the seminar titled 'FIBAA Accreditation Standards for Higher Education Programs.' This event was organized by the Research Institute for Training and Human Resources Development, associated with the Association of Vietnamese Universities and Colleges, and conducted online. Among the attendees were Dr. LE Viet Khuyen, Vice President of the Association of Vietnamese Universities and Colleges and former Deputy Director of the University Education Department (Ministry of Education and Training); Ms. Mag Diane Freiberger, Director of FIBAA; Ms. Viktoria Tischanski, Head of the International Procedures Department at FIBAA; Ms. Adriane Janosch, FIBAA Project Manager; and representatives from various Vietnamese higher education institutions keen on international standards for quality assurance.

At the seminar, FIBAA experts offered insights into the procedures and quality benchmarks necessary for each training program seeking accreditation in compliance with FIBAA standards.

The DAV members actively participated in the seminar, posing numerous questions to experts about FIBAA accreditation criteria, required documents, regulations, and the experts' perspectives on program quality assessment.

The seminar provided DAV's officials and lecturers in charge of quality assurance with insights into FIBAA accreditation standards and European quality guidelines, setting the stage for the Academy to consider embracing educational quality assessments according to international standards.


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