Seminar on Cross-Border E-Commerce: Opportunities for Vietnamese Enterprises

11:56 04/05/2024

In recent times, e-commerce has emerged as a new-age marketing trend, consistently attracting the attention of individuals and businesses alike. On April 20th, the Faculty of International Economics successfully hosted a seminar titled "Cross-Border E-Commerce: Opportunities for Vietnamese Enterprises." This is the fifth seminar in a series of training sessions in the Economist Up 2024 Competition: Integration Journey.

The seminar featured the participation of Ms. Bui Thi Thanh Hang, Head of International Relations Department, Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency, Ministry of Industry and Trade, accompanied by the guidance of the Advisory Board: Dr. Nguyen Vinh Thanh and MSc. Hoang Ngoc Bich, lecturers of the Faculty of International Economics, and the presence of Top 8 competing teams.

Speaker Bui Thi Thu Hang, MSc. Hoang Ngoc Bich và Dr. Nguyen Vinh Thanh at the seminar

The conference was a valuable opportunity for students to gain a genuine insight into the workings of the domestic and global e-commerce industry. Attendees had the chance to listen to detailed and insightful presentations from the speaker regarding the opportunities and challenges of integrating into the digital business trends of the world, thereby helping participating teams prepare for their future careers.

During the conference, speaker Bui Thi Thanh Hang provided a comprehensive overview of the business landscape on Vietnam's e-commerce platforms. This equipped students with a panoramic view of the status quo, enabling them to prepare for new research activities within the international market and to explore market research methods for expanding business operations through e-commerce channels.

Speaker Bui Thi Thu Hang sharing ways to utilize the e-commerce platforms for the Vietnamese market

The speaker also shared about the potential business opportunities along with the technological challenges and risks that we can avoid in the process of entering the cross-border digital market. Ultimately, the speaker summarized the current situation and potential of Vietnam, providing real-life examples of successful businesses with this 4.0 business activity. Moreover, the speaker provided credible and detailed answers to the questions asked by students, enriching their understanding of this field.

The Q&A section between the speaker and students

The seminar took place in a lively atmosphere, delivering valuable knowledge and experiences for all participating teams. The Organizing Committee of Economist Up 2024 hopes that the seminar has provided students with a comprehensive view of the topic of cross-border e-commerce, especially in export activities of businesses, serving their academic endeavors and career development in the future.

Speaker Bui Thi Thanh Hang with the lecturers and students at the seminar

Tuyet Nhung - Organizing Committee of Economist Up 2024

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