The Joint Training Programs - The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam

00:00 07/05/2024

The Joint Training Program (JTP) under the Department of Education and Training has been in operation since 2011 with the strategic goal of making the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) become a prestigious training, nurturing, and research institution with a great influence in the Southeast Asia region, and globally, in the fields of international relations and integration.

DAV advocates for training collaboration with reputable universities worldwide, enabling students to access advanced international educational environments, and providing them with opportunities to find good jobs domestically and globally upon graduation. Collaboration with high ranking international universities also serve to enhance the quality of training programs at DAV, aiming to meet regional and global standards.

The first partner selected by DAV for training collaboration was Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (VUW). This is one of the top-ranking universities in New Zealand and is ranked in the top 100 universities worldwide for Politics (QS University World Rankings 2024). With approval from the Ministry of Education and Training and the permission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in 2011, the JTP with VUW commenced enrollment for the first cohort specializing in International Relations, Political Science, and Media at undergraduate level. Through a prudent approach, incremental development, emphasis on substance, putting student’s needs and interests first, the program has affirmed its reputation in the community and stands as a successful example of educational cooperation between the two countries. As of 2024, the program has been operating for 13 years with stable enrollment and transferring. Many students have received scholarships due to outstanding academic achievements, with three students honored in VUW Dean’s list. Approximately 180 students have graduated and got stable jobs, of which 15% of graduates are currently working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Following the success of JTP with VUW, DAV continues to expand and diversify its collaboration programs, offering students more choices. To date, the Academy has added two more Articulation Programs at undergraduate level with leading Australian universities: a collaboration with Monash University to offer a training in International Business in 2022 and Media Communication in 2023, and a collaboration with Macquarie University to offer a training in Media and Communication in 2023. Monash University is ranked in the top 8 universities in Australia (Group of Eight) and in the top 42 universities worldwide (QS University World Rankings 2024). Macquarie University is ranked in the top 10 universities in Australia and in the top 130 universities worldwide (QS University World Rankings 2024).

Additionally, the Academy is implementing several training collaboration projects with other reputable educational institutions such as Flinders University, Australia, and University of Bristol, England.


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