Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day 2024 at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam with the event series “Những ngày hoa nở”

00:00 25/04/2024

In response to the spirit of Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day on April 21th and the Vietnamese reunification day on April 30th, the Library and Information Center collaborated with the DAV Book Club to organize the event series "Những ngày hoa nở". Through this series of events, the Organizing Committee aims to evoke and awaken the passion for the national history among young people, thereby contributing to strengthening patriotism. 

Taking the glorious victory on April 30th, 1975 as the main theme, the event series "Những ngày hoa nở" took place with two main activities: the book exhibition "Những ngày hoa nở" and the talk show "Chấp bút ghi sử". The exhibition occurred with the participation of more than 200 students and lecturers, alongside that, the talk show also attracted attention with 290 attendees.

Some images from the "Những ngày hoa nở" exhibition

 The "Những ngày hoa nở" book exhibition was opened freely from April 15th to 17th. Inside the exhibition, the DAV Book Club showcased works and paintings depicting the extremely realistic and vivid Ho Chi Minh campaign. Alongside were in-depth discussions and exchanges revolving around the event of the Unification Day on April 30th, 1975 between the participants and the Organizing Committee. 

Some images from the "Những ngày hoa nở" exhibition

Additionally, the exhibition also brought engaging interactive activities such as organizing the "Quick Quiz" game through question cards or providing guest books for participants to jot down their thoughts and feelings.

Some images of participating in interactive activities of the exhibition

For the talk show "Chấp bút ghi sử," the DAV Book Club brought a precious and sincere conversation between the young speakers with a great love for history, Quỳnh Giao (Giao Cùn) and the audiences who have a certain interest in national history.

Some images from the "Writing History" talk show

The talk show was held on April 22th, 2024, at Hall A, Diplomatic Academy. The conversation took place in a warm and intimate atmosphere, yet full of emotion and pride. With two main topics of "young people with a passion for history" and "spreading the culture of historical reading", the speakers shared sincerely about effective historical reading methods as well as a great love for the history of the homeland.

Speaker sharing about effective historical reading methods
Audience sharing reflections on learning about the national history

The event series "Những ngày hoa nở" organized by the DAV Book Club and the Library Department concluded with great success and active participation and contributions from the entire Diplomatic Academy community in general and the Library Department, the DAV Book Club in particular.