Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) Welcomes the Asia - Oceania Working Party (COASI) of the Council of the European Union

13:52 28/04/2024

On April 25, 2024, at the DAV, Dr. Pham Lan Dung, Acting President, received the delegation of the Asia - Oceania Working Party (COASI) of the Council of the European Union, led by Mr. Michal Safianik, Chairperson of COASI. The two sides discussed regional and global security issues of mutual concern.

Overview of the discussion between the COASI and the DAV  (Photo: Phuong Nhi)

From the DAV, the attendees included Dr. Nguyen Hung Son, Vice President and representatives from various units: Institute of Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies; East Sea Institute; Faculty of International Politics & Diplomacy; Faculty of International Law; Faculty of International Economics; Faculty of International Communication & Culture; Faculty of English and the Department of External Cooperation.

Leaders of the DAV talking with the COASI (Photo: Phuong Nhi)

From COASI, the attendees included H.E. Mr. Julien GUERRIER, EU Ambassador to Viet Nam, and about 30 delegates from 27 EU member countries and EU Institutions working on the Asia – Pacific region.

Leaders of the COASI talking with the DAV (Photo: Phuong Nhi)

At the meeting, the two sides discussed on regional and international issues, including: South China Sea and maritime security issues; EU – Viet Nam relations; ASEAN; Vietnam’s relations with other partners such as China, Russia, Laos, Myanmar and other security concerns.

(Photo: Phuong Nhi)
(Photo: Phuong Nhi)
An oficial of the DAV sharing with the COASI  (Photo: Phuong Nhi)
(Photo: Phuong Nhi)

Dr. Pham Lan Dung highly appreciated the cooperation and support of the EU Delegation in Vietnam in general and with DAV in particular; believed that such discussions would contribute to building a close relationship between Viet Nam and the EU, and hoped to continue to welcome the COASI delegation and other EU Institutions in the future.

On behalf of COASI, Mr. Michal Safianik thanked DAV and Dr. Pham Lan Dung for the reception and a very useful exchange; affirmed that cooperation with Vietnam is one of the priorities of the EU in the Indo-Pacific region. The visit to Viet Nam, from April 24 to 26, 2024, by COASI aimed at further developing long term EU strategies and policies in the Asia-Pacific region in general, and in Viet Nam in particular on foreign policies, global and regional security and peace, as well as other relevant fields of cooperation, including inter alia climate change and trade and investment./.

Quang Hung

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