Workshop "First step to start your career - How to write a resume and win a job interview"

00:00 03/05/2024

On April 26, 2024, The Education and Training Department of the Diplomatic Academy, in collaboration with Openasia Company, organized a workshop titled "First Step to Start Your Career – How to Write a Resume and Win a Job Interview." This program is part of the career guidance cooperation agreement signed between the two parties, aiming to guide students on constructing standardized CVs and developing professional interview skills to seize future career opportunities.

The program was attended by Ms. Phan Thanh Thuy, Representative of the Education and Training Department, in charge of developing training programs, internships, and career guidance for students; Ms. Do Thuy Trang, Head of Talent Acquisition Team at Openasia Group - one of the pioneering companies shaping the lifestyle and inspiration in Vietnam; Ms. Pham Minh Hoa, Head of Recruitment Advisory Team at Adecco Vietnam Joint Stock Company - the leading provider of Payroll, Recruitment, and Outsourcing services in Vietnam, and students from various courses and majors at the Academy.

Workshop "First step to start your career - How to write a resume and win a job interview"

The workshop began with the speakers sharing insights on how to build personal profiles, criteria, presentation formats, and important content that contribute to a well-organized and standardized CV. Additionally, the speakers emphasized the importance of ensuring integrity in personal experiences and filtering necessary information that aligns with the applied positions.

Ms. Do Thuy Trang (in the middle), Ms. Pham Minh Hoa (on the right), and Yen Nhi (MC) during the talk

In sharing their experiences and techniques for a professional and effective interview, the speakers highlighted factors that can help candidates leave a positive impression on employers and outlined the preparation steps for candidates to have the most effective interview experience.

DAV students participating in the simulated interview with speaker Do Thuy Trang

After the sharing sessions, the program moved on to a Mock Interview activity. Students had the opportunity to practice their skills through direct interviews with speaker Ms. Do Thuy Trang. The program became particularly lively during the Q&A session. Students asked interesting questions about working in different fields, building CVs, and answering interviews for positions unrelated to their qualifications... The questions revolved around career opportunities and the future direction of the students, and the two speakers provided thoughtful answers. The program not only provided necessary knowledge and practical experience in recruitment but also addressed numerous concerns and guided students in choosing career paths that suit their strengths and market trends.

DAV students taking a group photo as a memento with the two speakers

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