Workshop: Using Generative AI in teaching and learning English - by English Language Specialist Christopher Stillwell at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam

23:23 08/06/2024

We are thrilled to share the highlights of an engaging and interactive workshop led by English Language Specialist Christopher Stillwell, organized at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. This event, part of the ongoing collaboration between the Regional English Language Office (RELO) of the US Embassy and DAV, aimed to enhance the quality of English language teaching in Vietnam.

The workshop was a vibrant gathering of enthusiastic lecturers from DAV, all eager to explore the innovative integration of generative AI tools in EFL instruction. Christopher Stillwell expertly guided the participants through the various potential benefits and pitfalls of using AI chatbots as brainstorming partners, generating sample essay responses, providing feedback and grading assistance, simplifying text, and creating quizzes.

From the outset, the room buzzed with excitement as participants engaged in lively discussions and shared their prior experiences and impressions of AI. Dr Christopher's brief introduction to AI was met with keen interest, and the subsequent discussion on ethical concerns, such as privacy and bias, sparked thoughtful and passionate debates.

The practical sessions were a highlight, with participants eagerly exploring how AI can enhance effective teaching practices and transform language instruction. They collaborated on developing lesson plans incorporating AI tools, demonstrating their newfound understanding of these innovative technologies. The atmosphere was charged with creativity and mutual learning, as lecturers shared their insights and plans with their peers.

Throughout the workshop, Christopher emphasized the importance of teaching students how to use AI responsibly and strategies to discourage cheating. This holistic approach ensured that participants not only learned about the technical aspects of AI but also considered the broader implications of its use in education. 

As the workshop drew to a close, the energy in the room remained high. Participants left with practical knowledge and tools to integrate AI into their teaching practices, ready to bring these innovations to their classrooms. The collaborative spirit and the wealth of ideas shared during the workshop underscored the success of this initiative, promising a bright future for English language education in Vietnam.

Thank you to Christopher Stillwell and all the enthusiastic lecturers from DAV for making this workshop an inspiring and memorable event!

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