Amb. Dr. Pham Lan Dung received the Ambassador of EU to ASEAN H.E. Sujiro Seam

08:38 29/05/2024

On the morning of May 28, 2024, at the Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam (DAV), Amb.Dr. Pham Lan Dung, Acting President of the DAV, welcomed H.E. Sujiro Seam, the European Union (EU) Ambassador to ASEAN, during his business trip to Viet Nam.

Delegates attending the meeting
Delegates attending the meeting

Opening the meeting, Ambassador Sujiro Seam noted that since assuming his role in early September 2023, he has undertaken business trips to ASEAN member countries to engage with their leaders and discuss measures to enhance cooperation in more substantive fields. He commended the extensive and diverse cooperation between ASEAN and the EU to date. Ambassador Seam expressed hope that following the European Parliament elections in early June, EU leaders would prioritize fostering collaboration with ASEAN countries. Looking ahead, Ambassador Seam aims to further advance the ASEAN-EU Free Trade Agreement and the "Global Gateway" Initiative. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of promoting cooperation in communication and diplomatic activities through channels 1.5 and 2, to raise public awareness about the significance and benefits of ASEAN-EU relations.

Ambassador Sujiro Seam and the EU Delegation to Viet Nam

Ambassador Dr. Pham Lan Dung expressed deep appreciation for the EU's initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable development in the region. She highlighted that on April 23, the DAV hosted the first ASEAN Future Forum, an effort to enhance the understanding of the Association's role and functions among the people of ASEAN countries. Ambassador Dr. Pham Lan Dung also extended a formal invitation to Ambassador Sujiro Seam to attend and speak at the ASEAN Future Forum 2025.

Amb. Dr. Pham Lan Dung

In a frank and open atmosphere, the EU delegation and DAV experts discussed significant geopolitical issues in the region and the world that are of mutual concerns. Both sides agreed that amidst rising geopolitical tensions, ASEAN and the EU must maintain a neutral stance, avoiding the necessity of choosing sides. They emphasized the importance of striving to build a peaceful international environment that respects the legitimate interests of all countries, in accordance with international law and the United Nations Charter.

Amb. Dr. Pham Lan Dung presented a souvenir to Amb. Sujiro Seam

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