DAV Student participates in the Finals of the "Chinese Bridge 2024" Competition

20:04 25/05/2024

On the morning of May 25, 2024, the spirited finals of the 23rd "Chinese Bridge" competition for students from the Northern and Central regions of Vietnam took place. This annual event is jointly organized by the Confucius Institute at Hanoi University and the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam. It aims to provide a platform for university and college students studying Chinese in the Northern and Central regions of Vietnam.

The theme for the "Chinese Bridge 2024" finals was "One World, One Home." This year's finals featured 29 contestants from 26 universities in the Northern and Central regions. Representing the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, student Truong Thi Bao Linh (QHQT49C4) excelled and was chosen to participate in this competition.

Student Truong Thi Bao Linh (Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam)

The competition comprised three segments: a general knowledge quiz, thematic public speaking, and a performance of Chinese cultural and artistic talents. In the general knowledge quiz, contestants answered 15 questions within 15 minutes. In the subsequent segments, they delivered speeches on randomly drawn topics and performed Chinese arts such as singing, dancing, and traditional arts.

At the conclusion of the competition, through hard work and an unyielding spirit of learning, Truong Thi Bao Linh won an Encouragement Prize with a high score.

Student Truong Thi Bao Linh won the Encouragement Prize

The finals of the "Chinese Bridge 2024" competition were successfully conducted. This event not only allowed students to gain knowledge and experience but also helped them to connect with peers, promising to continue to attract the interest of students studying Chinese in the coming years.

Other pictures of the contest:

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