DAV to distant Friends

14:41 16/04/2024

Dear my beloved Alumni,

I hope this letter finds you in a joyful and happy state. I believe that you are all well and filled with love. Today, I want to send you my thoughts and feelings about the memories we have shared.

I still remember the images of you as freshmen with shy eyes and hesitant steps when you first set foot in the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. Back then, your eyes were filled with hope, burning passion, and eager anticipation for the four years of youth at the DAV. Now, I recall your first classes, feeling immensely happy and proud to welcome talented students like you, but at the same time, feeling a sense of responsibility to be a solid support for you, to accompany and guide you on the path of learning and maturity.

The following years were a memorable journey for both of us. We experienced moments of intense emotions, from stressful study sessions to deep discussions on social and political issues. Every day was an opportunity for you to learn and develop not only in knowledge but also in life skills. Throughout the four years of study, I witnessed your efforts, dedication, and numerous achievements in your studies. Looking back on the time we spent together, I realize that each memory was a step toward your maturity. You are no longer hesitant; instead, you are confident and resolute in your thoughts and actions. Moreover, you have gained new friends, mentors, who are like your family, sharing all the joys and sorrows and you consider me your soulmate to confide in every day. That is a priceless gift that you have given me.

Now, all of that remains only in the past. However, I hope that those beautiful memories will be a mental support, a motivation for you to continue writing new chapters of your life with great success. As for me - despite new and splendid changes, those stories are like gentle rays of sunshine that keep warming my heart every day.

The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam wishes you all happiness, peace, good health and good wealth, and always encourages you to uphold the best of what you earned here. We part ways for now so that one day we can meet again in joy and pride, when you have achieved new positions worthy of your efforts. I believe that wherever you go, whatever you do, you will always have a place to return to. I will always be here waiting for you!

Best wishes,


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