Memories of Building A - Where Our Youth Stays

12:05 19/04/2024

Building A has been holding numerous memorable moments for DAV students throughout their youth

In the memories of DAV alumni, Building A emerges with countless stories. It recalls the mornings spent lining up at the elevator doors to head to lecture halls. It is the afternoons spent walking up the stairs while discussing upcoming presentations with friends. It is also where many sat in the hallways for long stretches, preparing for their exams. Building A itself holds something special, bearing the marks of times past.

Approaching the gates of the Academy, Building A stands prominently, showing pride and aspirations. I remember myself years ago, a freshman coming to Hanoi for the first time. Standing at the gates of the DAV, my eyes sparkled with the grand image of Building A in its unique glory. I made a promise to myself to study diligently and fulfill my dreams at this place.

Building A - The place of memories
Photo: DAV Student Development Fund - DAV VNUS.

Now, years later, every time I stand before Building A, memories of my student days flood back, mingling with the laughter and voices of distant classmates. Building A has preserved the film reels of our youth and harbored small secrets containing my grand ambitions. These mixed memories of joy and sorrow serve as baggage, lessons, and motivation for me to soar in the present and the future. Just like standing at the window of Building A and looking out towards the Quan He Lake, I can see how vast the world is.

Building A has marked my youth in such a way. What about Building A in the memories of other DAV alumni?

Vuong Tran Hue Minh - Translator: Nhat Truong

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