Opening of the 2024 Diplomatic Academy’s public official recruitment exam

21:50 06/06/2024

On the afternoon of May 31, in Hanoi, the Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam (DAV) held the Opening Ceremony of the 2024 public official recruitment exam. For this year's recruitment exam, the Diplomatic Academy plans to recruit 55 public officials including 33 lecturers and 22 public officials including researchers and information technology management specialists.

Delegates and candidates attending the opening ceremony of the 2024 Diplomatic Academy recruitment exam held the flag-raising ceremony. (Photo: Phuong Nhi)
Dr. Pham Lan Dung, Acting Director of the Diplomatic Academy, delivered the opening speech of the 2024 Diplomatic Academy recruitment exam. (Photo: Phuong Nhi)

Attending the Opening Ceremony was Dr. Pham Lan Dung, Acting President of the Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam; representative of the Department of Organization and Personnel, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; members of the Diplomatic Academy's Public official Examination Council, the Examination Supervisory Board, the supporting staff for the Council and 120 candidates participating in the exam.

Dr. Pham Lan Dung, Acting President of the Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam emphasized that since 2021, the training scale of the Diplomatic Academy has increased significantly. Each year the Academy welcomes 2,000 new students. In addition, the Academy also implements many political tasks assigned by the Party, State and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Academy always considers developing and improving the quality of human resources as one of the most important tasks in the Academy's development strategy. The Acting President of the Academy affirmed that the goal of the public official recruitment exam is to select people with sufficient moral qualities, professional qualifications, good skills, working capacity, and a thorough grasp of the Party's guidelines, State policies and laws. That meets the general requirements of the Diplomatic Academy and of job vacancies, building the Diplomatic Academy into one of the leading research and training institutions in the region by 2030.

On behalf of the Diplomatic Academy, Dr. Pham Lan Dung thanked for the help of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Department of Organization and Personnel of the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs for always paying special attention to the personnel work of the Academy.  For creating favorable conditions for public official recruitment activities of the Academy, and at the same time thanked the various units of the Ministry for their coordination in organizing the Academy's public official recruitment exam.

The Academy's Acting President expressed her joy at the candidates' excellent academic achievements, and hoped that the recruitment process would evaluate comprehensively, objectively, fairly and accurately their abilities, capacity and qualifications of candidates, strengthening human resources to meet the Academy's goals, mission and vision in the future.

Comrade Bui Thuy Linh, Head of the Examination Committee, disseminates exam rules (Photo: Phuong Nhi)

In order for the exam to take place safely, objectively, fairly and in accordance with regulations, on behalf of the Recruitment Council, comrade Bui Thuy Linh, Head of the Exam Supervisor Committee, disseminates exam regulations and exam organization plans to candidates.

Dr. Pham Lan Dung, Acting President of the Academy, requested the Recruitment Council and its assisting committees, based on assigned tasks, raised the responsibility to organize a safe recruitment period, in accordance with regulations; closely coordinate with functional units of the Ministry to ensure the exam is serious, objective and fair.

The Acting President of the Academy recommends that candidates strictly and fully comply with exam rules and regulations.  Candidates should be calm, confident, effectively apply the knowledge, abilities and experience accumulated during the process of studying, working to achieve the highest results.

On the same afternoon, contestants will undergo a specialized written exam, lasting 180 minutes. After the written exam, candidates will also take a practice test/interview/trial lecture according to the position they apply for./.

Ngo Huong

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