[Pieces of Memory] Gates of DAV

11:01 04/04/2024

[Pieces of Memory] Gates of DAV

"DAV to me is the moment I first stepped through the gates of the Academy. It was a sunny day, yet my heart was restless, excited in an unusual way. There was something stirring, a sincere enthusiasm growing in my heart, urging me to give my all to the four years of youth at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam."

Now, after years, looking back, the gates of the Academy are still there, though changed, yet standing firm and shining as the DAV has always been. And through time, DAV Alumni members become more mature but still proud to be a vibrant piece of the Academy.

There is something of us that shows our sincere gratitude towards the Academy, and our special thanks for those gates that always welcomed and propelled us to reach higher and farther in the international arena. Despite going far and wide, the DAV remains the place we would return to, cherish, and nurture.

So, how do the gates of the DAV in you resemble a memory? Share your photos and notes here to let the DAV Network of Alumni experience those wonderful stories together!

Submit your photos and notes here: LINK

Minh Thúy - Translator: Nhat Truong

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