[RECAP] Lights, Camera, Action!

18:42 25/01/2024

"Life is a movie, so make it interesting to watch" – That explains why the idea of having a thrilling cinematic experience was fascinating for English Faculty students. It’s the reason for the creation of ‘Murder Mystery’, an event crafted by creative minds of DAV’s English Club with the support of the English Faculty, aimed not only to captivate participants’ imaginations but also to promote the power of language through the art of storytelling!

Murder Mystery resembles a murder mystery movie that involves a screening event where guests celebrate a successful sci-fi film. Each guest receives a "character card" with information about his/her character and becomes part of a murder mystery plot targeting the director. Throughout the celebration, guests socialize and reveal aspects of their characters. The thrilling investigation unfolds as guests gather clues to identify the murderer hidden in the venue. When the event concludes, the director's soul emerges, and participants identify the suspected murderer, who then confesses.

Murder Mystery promised an exciting and interactive experience for those who participated. It also highlighted students' creativity and built a sense of togetherness, reminding everyone that each person plays a unique and important role in life's story. With fond memories of this exciting event, we look forward to the next literary adventure at DAV and the English Faculty!

(Special thanks to @DAV English Club for hosting this event within the framework of extra-curricular activities for students of English Faculty in the first semester of 2023-2024)

Nguyễn Đỗ Ngân Giang

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