A Glimspe of DAV

15:00 15/12/2023

"Memories are small tranquil corners, where emotions linger peacefully."

After nearly 65 years of establishment and development, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam has undergone various transformations throughout different periods. Since 2021, the Academy has embarked on a university autonomy mechanism, and the completion of the new buildings has contributed to shaping an image of a dynamic, innovative DAV with a modern infrastructure and facilities, in line with the overall development trends of the country. With its "new attire" on, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam adorns itself with a splendid, modern, and dynamic appearance.

Some photos of the current DAV:

However, for most generations of DAV alumni, the image of a tranquil campus is the most vivid imprint when recalling memories of their study time here.

Let's revisit some images of the old DAV, cherished by the majority of its alumni:

Minh Thúy - Nhật Trường

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