Bachelor of Arts in Asia - Pacific Studies

10:23 01/11/2023

The Asia-Pacific Studies Bachelor’s program offers comprehensive, in-depth, and interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of social sciences and humanities related to the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to being equipped with all-encompassing knowledge from an international relations perspective, students are also trained in specialized areas of regional studies and country studies, of history, geography, language, culture, economy, political system, policies, and foreign relations of key countries in the region, including the United States, China, Japan, and South Korea.

Students of the Asia-Pacific Studies at the Vietnam-South Korea Future Dialog 2024
Students of the Asia-Pacific Studies at the Vietnam-South Korea Future Dialog 2024


  • Diverse Specializations

Students majoring in Asia - Pacific Studies have the opportunity to pursue one of four specializations: American Studies, Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, and Korean Studies. The foundational knowledge of international relations, in-depth understanding of regional and country studies, coupled with proficiency in a foreign language from one of the key countries in the region, enable students to develop their careers in various diverse directions and with high adaptability.

  • International Academic Environment and Practical Experience  

Students have opportunities to immerse themselves in diverse academic environments and experiences. They can actively engage in international events such as ASEAN, APEC high-level meetings, participate in seminars, symposiums, and expert presentations by senior professionals from both within and outside the country. Additionally, they can involve themselves in diplomatic activities at embassies, cultural exchange foundations, and foreign enterprises in Vietnam, as well as attending speeches by visiting foreign politicians and diplomats. Students can also participate in talent competitions and have chances to explore the cultures and interact with cultural centers regionwide. They also benefit from academic exchanges with students from universities in the Asia-Pacific region such as Sungshin University and Busan University (South Korea), Wakayama University and Gunma Prefectural University (Japan), among others.

  • Dynamic and Professional Faculty Team: 

The faculty team is extensively trained at leading universities in South Korea, the United States, Japan, and China. Many lecturers are seasoned diplomats who have served as Ambassadors, Ministers, or Counsellors at Vietnam's representative offices worldwide, significantly contributing to research topics within the program’s field of study. Additionally, the program benefits from the academic guidance and support from Ambassadors, diplomats, and leading Vietnamese experts such as Ambassador Nguyen Tam Chien, a former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Vietnam to Japan and the United States; Assoc. Prof., Dr., Amb. Dang Dinh Quy, a former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Head of the Permanent Representative Mission of Vietnam to the United Nations.

  • Comprehensive Skills Development:

Students majoring in Asia-Pacific studies receive comprehensive training and development in various skills, ranging from professional skills such as negotiation, research, international event analysis, translation, interpretation, and language proficiency and essential soft skills such as communication, presentation, teamwork, and critical thinking.

Students of the Asia-Pacific Studies at the event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Vietnam - Japan


Specialized Professional Knowledge

  • Security in Asia-Pacific 
  • Country Studies of the United States/China/Japan/South Korea
  • Political Systems of the United States/China/Japan/South Korea
  • Foreign Policies of the United States/China/Japan/South Korea
  • United States/China/Japan/South Korea Foreign Relations in Asia-Pacific
  • Corporate Culture of the United States/China/Japan/South Korea
  • Media in the United States/China
  • English/ Chinese/ Japanese/ Korean language

Professional Skills

  • International Negotiations
  • Analysis of events in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Project Development
  • Career Advancement
  • Career opportunities:


After graduation, students can take up various positions including:

- Desk-officers and experts tasked with matters concerning history, culture, society, and foreign relations for the Party, Ministries and line agencies of all levels. 

-Desk-officers and experts at intergovernmental organizations, international non-governmental organizations, embassies, and foreign cultural exchange funds in Vietnam.

- Foreign relations specialists, human resource and business managers, and assistants, at travel companies, private enterprises, limited liability companies, joint ventures, 100% foreign-invested companies, and state-owned enterprises, especially companies with international trade and international services.

- Lecturers and researchers in language, country studies, and international affairs of Asia-Pacific nations at universities; as well as specialists and researchers at both domestic and international research institutes.

- Interpreters, translators, editors, and journalists at media agencies, including television and radio stations, newspaper editorial offices, and magazines, who cover issues related to the Asia-Pacific region specifically, as well as international relations and foreign affairs in general.

Students of the Asia-Pacific Studies at the DAV Open House 2023
Students of the Asia-Pacific Studies at the DAV Open House 2023


- With specialized knowledge and proficiency in foreign languages, graduates of the Asia-Pacific Studies program can pursue Master's and Ph.D. degrees in International Relations and Regional Studies, including fields such as Public Policy, Comparative Politics, Chinese Studies, American Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, and Southeast Asian Studies…

- Graduates have significant opportunities to win prestigious scholarships such as Fulbright (USA), Chevening (UK), Eiffel (France), AusAid (Australia), Erasmus Mundus (Europe), scholarships from the Korea Foundation and the Japan Foundation. These scholarships pave the way for them to pursue Master’s and Ph.D. programs at esteemed institutions abroad.

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