Bachelor of Arts in International Economics

10:45 01/11/2023

With over 45 years of establishment and development, the Faculty of International Economics at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam is the first institution authorized by the Ministry of Education and Training to offer training programs in International Economics in Vietnam. The program provides learners with in-depth knowledge of international trade, international investment, international finance, and international economic integration; research skills and essential competencies to work effectively within a deeply integrated international environment.

Academic exchange between lecturers and students of the Faculty of International Economics and Yokohama University
Academic exchange between lecturers and students of the Faculty of International Economics and Yokohama University


  • Up-to-date and internationally aligned training program

The Bachelor of International Economics program at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam is developed in reference to the curriculum of globally recognized universities, such as University of British Columbia, Canada (ranked #34 in QS World University Rankings 2024). The program is structured to impart foundational knowledge of international economics and in-depth theoretical insights through two specializations of International Trade and International Finance; develop students’ research capabilities, enabling them to analyze and evaluate both domestic and global economic situations; enhance critical thinking and professional skills; emphasize the fluency of foreign languages, preparing students to work independently and effectively in a deeply integrated international setting. The program is regularly updated with new economic discourses and global developmental trends to ensure students are equipped with the most contemporary and comprehensive knowledge.


  • Experienced faculty members

The faculty members are well-trained at prestigious universities domestically and internationally such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Germany, China, and beyond. Among them, many hold distinguished titles such as Professors, Associate Professors, Doctors, Ambassadors, diplomats, experts with extensive teaching and research expertise in the field of international economics and economic diplomacy. Actively engaged in various research endeavors, faculty members consistently  contribute to prestigious domestic and international journals, aiming to continually enhance their professional competencies and deliver top-quality lectures to students.

  • Professional learning environment

Students of the Faculty regularly engage in seminars featuring distinguished speakers who are experts with extensive specialized knowledge and rich practical experience from international organizations, foreign representative offices in Vietnam, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, prestigious universities, and research institutes worldwide. In addition, students have the opportunities to participate in both domestic and international academic competitions, such as the Youth Innovation Competition on Lancang - Mekong Region's Governance and Development; Euréka Student Scientific Research Award, and FOIE Tournament. They can also carry out scientific research projects under the guidance of faculty members, engage in student exchange programs at foreign partner universities, and secure internships at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, governmental agencies, diplomatic representative offices, international organizations, and enterprises.

International Economics students in the DAV Open House 2023


Professional knowledge
  • International Economic Relations
  • Vietnam's Foreign Economy
  • Applied Economics
  • International Trade
  • International Investment
  • Money and Financial Market
Specialized knowledge
Specialization in International Trade 
  • International Marketing
  • International Payment
  • Electronic Commerce

Specialization in International Finance 

  • Corporate Finance
  • Analysis and Evaluation of International Investment Projects
  • International Financial Management

Professional skills 

  • Leadership and Management 
  • Personal and Professional Development 
  • Report Writing
Lecturers and students of the International Economics program in 2023 Youth Innovation Competition on Lancang-Mekong Region's Governance and Development


After graduation, students can take on various employment positions as follows: 

- Officers and specialists in departments focusing on information synthesis and analysis; policy planning and consultation in the fields of international trade, international investment, international finance, international economic integration, and more, at Ministries and line agencies of all levels. 

- Lecturers and researchers specializing in international economics at universities, colleges, and research institutes at home and abroad. 

- Specialists working at foreign representative agencies in Vietnam, representative offices of international economic organizations, and non-governmental organizations

- Business professionals, market researchers, managers, and others working at foreign enterprises, domestic companies, and various economic organizations.


Equipped with solid expertise and proficiency in foreign languages, graduates can pursue advanced studies at higher levels (Master’s, Doctorate) in International Economics and related fields within the realm of Economics at educational institutions both domestically and internationally.

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