Bachelor of Arts in International trade and business law

10:27 01/11/2023

Nguyen Phuong Oanh, Student in International trade and business law gets the Best Oralist Prize
Nguyen Phuong Oanh, Student in International trade and business law gets the Best Oralist Prize


  • A combination of theoretical and practical knowledge

The Bachelor’s program in International Trade and Business Law is designed to equip students with a competitiveness edge in the international trade and business law arena. Advised by lawyers and professionals well-versed in the legal complexity of international trade and business activities, the Program offers courses covering international trade law, business law and Vietnamese trade regulations, employing a comparative law framework. This approach ensures that students are well prepared for their future  careers.

  • Expert Faculty

Our faculty members are educated from top law schools in Vietnam and abroad such as University of Law-Hanoi National University, World Trade Institute (Switzerland), University of Laval (Canada), and University of Bristol (United Kingdom).... Additionally, we regularly host guest lecturers who are lawyers from leading law firms, enterprises and governmental agencies, all with extensive expertise in international trade and business law.

  • Strong focus on legal skills

The program offers a number of courses designed to provide students with authentic skills vital for a successful legal career. These include advocacy, lawyering skills, legal argumentation and writing, negotiation and conclusion of commercial contracts. These courses are instructed by lawyers from top law firms in Vietnam and seasoned diplomats with extensive experience in the field.

Students also have chances to develop further their legal skills by participating in international moot court competitions such as FDI International Arbitration Moot, and Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot,…. Field visits to law firms are also offered to enrich students’ learning experiences with real-world perspectives.


Student in International trade and business law participating in the moot organized by Law Asia
DAV Team in the moot organized by Law Asia

Legal theories and Vietnamese legal system  is a special course developed by the Faculty to be taught only for the DAV students. It provides students with in-depth knowledge in legal theories and an introductory understanding of the Vietnamese legal system. Completing this course equips students with the foundational knowledge to further study other subjects in the Program.

Private International Law I and II are the compulsory courses, providing an extensive understanding of the legal complexity of cross-border activities which involve multiple legal systems. Vietnam’s Civil law I and II, also compulsory, requires students to have an in-depth knowledge in one of the most important branches of law in Vietnam which is considered as the legal framework for trade and business activities. The combination of these courses provides a solid foundation for studying international trade and business law. Moreover, the curriculum also includes WTO law, International Business Law, International Investment Law, International Dispute Settlement (both in trade and investment), Law on International Trade in Goods, Law on International Trade in Service, International Commercial Arbitration, Lex mercatoria to further enhance students’ expertise in the domain.

For practical skill training, students have the option to enroll in courses focusing on various authentic legal skills such as advocacy and mooting skills, legal argumentation and writing, lawyering, or skills for negotiation and conclusion of treaties.  Taught by legal practitioners, these courses familiarize students with real-world skills and the expectations of prospective employers.


After graduation, students can take on various employment positions as follows:Officers of departments with functions relating to international trade and business law, legal affairs, or international cooperation of ministries, particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other governmental organs.

- Legal staff in Vietnamese and foreign enterprises, especially those that have trade and business with foreign partners.

- Legal staff in Vietnamese and foreign law firms.

- Assistant lecturers and researchers of law at domestic or foreign universities and institutions.

- Legal staff in charge of international law or law in general in intergovernmental organizations or non-governmental organizations.

- Collaborator, reporter, editor in charge of law-related issues at news agencies (such as radio and television stations, radio stations, newspaper, and magazine editorial offices).


With in-depth professional knowledge and strong language skill, graduate students are capable to pursue studies at master’s or doctoral level in the majors of International Trade Law, International Business Law, International Intellectual Property Law, and more at domestic and foreign universities.

Students who expect to practice law can continue to study to obtain legal practice certificates such as those for arbitrator, mediator, administrator, lawyer, notary or bailiff, among others.

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