Bachelor of Arts in International Business

10:42 01/11/2023

The International Business program has been enrolling students at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam since 2021. The training program is modernly designed, equipping students with up-to-date knowledge and skills in international business. Students benefit from a wide range of learning experiences and hands-on opportunities, helping them adapt well in a multicultural environment.

Workshop to review, evaluate and update the training programs in International Economics and International Business at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam
Workshop to review, evaluate and update the training programs in International Economics and International Business at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam


  • Modern and international-oriented training program.

The International Business program at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, has been developed in reference to the curriculum of Monash University, Australia (ranked #42 in QS World University Rankings 2024). Aligning with international benchmarks, this program provides students with in-depth knowledge of business administration, international marketing, import-export, logistics, and supply chain management. The program also focuses on enhancing students’ skills in strategy development, business planning, contract negotiation and signing while emphasizing the use of foreign languages, preparing students to work independently and effectively in a multicultural environment. Additionally, students have the opportunity to directly transfer to the joint Bachelor of International Business program taught by the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and Monash University (Australia). 

  • Optimized learning path with various career-oriented activities and experiences

The program follows a progressive pathway enabling students to incrementally build knowledge in stages: establishing foundational knowledge, accumulating professional knowledge, enhancing skills, expanding and deepening specialized knowledge, and engaging in internships and hands-on experiences.

The learning journey is optimized with numerous practical, career-focused activities to equip students with essential skills for the global marketplace. These include job application competence, cross-cultural communication and collaboration in international business environments, project management, and entrepreneurial skills. Our seminars feature knowledgeable business leaders with extensive practical experience from multinational corporations, international organizations, Vietnam’s trade offices abroad, and foreign representative offices in Vietnam. 

Additionally, students have the opportunity to develop business projects, participate in both national and international competitions such as Economist Up, FOIE Tournament, Youth Innovation Competition on Lancang-Mekong Region's Governance and Development, HSBC Business Case Competition. They can also engage in study exchanges at our partner universities abroad; as well as visit and undertake internships at multinational corporations and companies such as Shinhan Bank (South Korea), AEON Group (Japan), Fast Retailing Group (Japan), Central Group (Thailand), Vietnam Airlines, and many more.

  • Dynamic and experienced faculty members 

Our faculty members,  trained at leading universities worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China, Australia, and beyond, are committed to be at the forefront of international business knowledge. As many faculty members have experience working for large multinational corporations, both domestically and internationally, they are dedicated to equipping students with practical insights. Their unwavering support and willingness to listen ensure students will receive valuable guidance throughout their studies and internships at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

Student Research Competition: Economist Up 2023


Professional knowledge 
  • Global Business Strategy
  • Corporate Financial Management 
  • Business Project Planning in Practice 
  • Negotiations and Signing Contracts in International Business   
  • Corporate Culture and Business Ethics 
  • Foreign Trade Techniques 
  • International Human Resource Management
Specialized knowledge

Specialization in International Marketing

  • International Service Marketing 
  • Customer Behavior
  • Brand Management

Specialization in Logistics và Supply Chain Management

  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Global Procurement Management
Professional Skills
  • Leadership and Management 
  • Personal and Professional Development 
Students of International Business practicing presentation skills


After graduation, students can take on various employment positions as follows:

- Specialists in departments covering import-export, supply chain management, logistics, and international marketing at domestic and international enterprises as well as multinational corporations;

- Consultants focusing on corporate governance, business environment analysis, and business strategies,… at domestic and foreign organizations;

- Entrepreneurs launching their start-ups in the realm of international business;

- Officials, specialists in state agencies, domestic and international organizations engaged in activities promoting international trade and investment.

- Lecturers and researchers specializing in international business and administration at universities, colleges, and research institutes.


Equipped with solid expertise and proficiency in foreign languages, graduates possess the capability to pursue advanced studies at higher levels (Master’s, Doctorate) in International Business, International Economics, Marketing, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, International Trade, and Business Administration, … both domestically and internationally.

Notably, students of the International Business program at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam have the opportunity to gain admission into the Master's program in International Business at the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) immediately upon graduation. The University of Bristol, a partner of the Faculty of International Economics, ranked #55 in the QS World University Rankings 2024. 

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