DAV Alumni's Contribution to Training Programs

15:00 27/08/2023

From August 21st to 25th 2023, five workshops were sequentially held to review, evaluate, and update the DAV's Training Programs.

The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam's participation included the involvement of the Acting President, the Department of Education and Training, and the Faculties with reviewed training programs. Representatives from research institutes and interested staff members also took part. As for invited guests, each department had representation from relevant Departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, experts in the training field from universities with similar majors, recruiters in related fields, and alumni.

The workshop series was successfully conducted with the aim of reviewing, evaluating, and updating the Training programs of Bachelors' degree, Master's, and Doctoral ones at the Academy to align with current regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and to prepare for FIBAA accreditation.

The training programs that have been reviewed and evaluated are within the five departments, including: International Relations and Asia-Pacific Studies; International Law and International Trade Law; International Economics and International Business; International Communication; and English Language for International Relations.

The opening of each workshop began with a summary report on the academic programs presented by representatives from each facultystaff. After listening to the report, recruiters, alumni, and experts sequentially provided their opinions on the Training Program, covering aspects such as credit hours, graduation requirements, employment conditions, aligning with international trends.

With dedication to contributing opinions to the development of internationally standardized training programs, alumni of the Diplomatic Academy actively expressed their perspectives and practical insights on the teaching environment, career opportunities, and contemporary recruitment demands. At the conclusion of the workshop, each faculty engaged in discussions and proposed directions for student training in the upcoming academic years.

The workshop series unfolded successfully in an open and vibrant atmosphere, with significant contributions and diverse perspectives from generations of alumni who attended. The multi-dimensional opinions of DAV alumni not only enrich the diverse and practical training programs but also contribute to the sustainable development of the Academy.

It is hoped that in the future, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam will continue to refine and enhance the quality of its teaching activities to meet international standards.

Minh Thuy - Nhat Truong

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