DAV Network of Alumni is BACK

15:00 12/12/2023

For nearly 65 years of establishment and development, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam has been a companion witnessing the growth of numerous generations of talented and resilient students. With the desire to become a solid bridge between the preceding generations and the young successors, DAV Network of Alumni - DNA has officially been established, serving as a place to express gratitude for the past while providing inspiration for the future.

DAV Network of Alumni - the network of former DAV students is not only a place to maintain connections among them but also a significant resource in supporting finances, human resources for teaching, and sharing knowledge and experience with the next generations. These include events organized by the Academy, activities of departments, faculties or events organized by the Network such as career counseling, visits to agencies and enterprises. DAV alumni may attend as guest speakers, acting as a bridge between businesses and students currently studying at the Academy.

DAV alumni sharing at DAV Career Orientation Day 2023

In addition, the DNA has made significant contributions through various forms of support for students, such as scholarship funds. DAV alumni are sponsors for numerous DAV scholarship programs, providing both financial and mental support for important events. The support programs and scholarships offered by the Network of Alumni are designed for students with outstanding academic achievements and those facing challenging circumstances. Examples include the Nguyen Co Thach Scholarship, "Wings for the Future" and "Light up the Dreams" Scholarship. These scholarship programs, supported by members of the Network, not only aim to encourage excellent academic performance but also emphasize diversity and active participation in extracurricular activities. The focus is on creating an inclusive environment for all students, ensuring equal opportunities to access resources and education at the  Academy. These scholarship funds not only show a financial relief for students but also offer opportunities to motivate them to maximize their potential for development.

"Wings for the Future" and "Light up the Dreams" Scholarships 2022-2023

Especially, on the Vietnamese Teachers' Day, November 20th, the Diplomatic Academy Network of Alumni consistently contributes to organizing gratitude programs. These events are dedicated to expressing appreciation to teachers and staff who have contributed to the success of the Academy. This program is not merely a ceremony of honor but also an opportunity for DAV graduates to share personal stories, memorable moments about their teachers and mentors. They are a source of inspiration, conveying success stories and motivation to the current generation of students.

Generations of students and alumni gather at DAV’s Corner - Alumni Corner on Vietnamese Teachers' Day, November 20th 2023

In preparation for the 65th-anniversary celebration of the Diplomatic Academy's establishment, the DAV Network of Alumni will conduct activities to connect with former students, build a database for necessary contacts, and gather materials about alumni for the upcoming event. The DNA is not only a living museum of success stories and memorable moments but also a robust bridge between generations of former students and the current ones. DNA also contributes to collecting important materials, including photos and videos, to enrich the commemorative atmosphere and document the significant moments of the Academy over the past 65 years.

The DAV Network of Alumni is a powerful and energetic community, full of passion, committed to continuing its contribution and support for the sustainable development of the Academy, aiming for significant milestones in the future.

Minh Thuy, Nhat Truong

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