The Vietnam-US economic cooperation within the framework ofthe Indo-Pacific strategy

11:00 02/06/2020

The United State has emgerged as one of Vietnam’s key regional partners. Since the US adopted an Indo-Pacific strategy in 2017 Vietnam has sought to build closer ties between the two countries, particularly in the economic domain. However, Vietnam has to carefully manage ít econimic relationship with the US. One the one hand, this trade relationship with the US has improved, but on the other, it now also has to deal with the pressure to reduce its trade surplus with the US. China’s recent use the trans-shipment via Vietnam to circumvent US tariffs has also proven challenging. Read my latest analysis brief available on our blog or at the link below to learn how far Vietnam has navigated its economic relationship with the US in recent times

Dr Chu Minh Thao is Deputy Director at the Centre for Security and Development, Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. She can be contacted at

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Dr Chu Minh Thao

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