Bachelor of Arts in International Communication

09:40 01/11/2023

The Faculty of International Communication and Culture commenced its student intake in 2010 with the primary goal of nurturing high-quality professionals in the field of communication to address the evolving societal needs in the era of globalization and digitalization. Since 2022, the program has diversified into two distinct career pathways: Professional International Communication and International Marketing Communication.

International Communication Students visiting the Dan Tri Newspaper headquarters
International Communication Students visiting the Dan Tri Newspaper headquarters


  • One program, Dual Career Orientations

The International Communication program offers students a choice between two career trajectories tailored to their aspirations: Professional International Communication and International Marketing Communication. The Professional International Communication orientation provides students with insights into mass communication, international communication processes and strategies, cultural diplomacy, analyzing international conflicts, organizing international events and developing multicultural content. The International Marketing Communication orientation focuses on principles and techniques of marketing, advertising, global market access, formulation of global marketing strategies, international branding, and multilingual digital marketing skills. These tracks enable students to pursue careers in diverse fields such as Journalism, Cultural Diplomacy, Public Relations, Integrated Marketing Communication, Advertising, among others.

  • Internationalization

The Bachelor's program in International Communication adheres to global standards, drawing inspiration from esteemed universities worldwide in the domains of international communication and cultural diplomacy. Selected specialized courses are conducted in English to facilitate students in mastering communication and writing skills in an international language. During their training, students have numerous opportunities to engage in international seminars, conferences, interact with foreign diplomats, renowned international communication experts, undertake internships at Vietnamese embassies abroad, foreign embassies in Vietnam, and participate in student exchange programs with partner universities worldwide, such as Monash University (Australia), Macquarie University (Australia), and Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand).

  • Holistic Skill Development

A holistic approach towards skill development is a crucial objective of the Bachelor's program in International Communication at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. The program emphasizes the fusion of theoretical knowledge with practical application. In addition to conventional classroom learning, students are actively involved in research projects focusing on international communication and culture, internships at communication organizations, participation in extracurricular activities, media events, and television programs. These diverse engagements facilitate the development of a spectrum of skills encompassing both professional competencies (such as writing, presentation, program hosting, media product production, crisis management, and media event analysis) and vital soft skills (such as independent work, teamwork, time management, problem-solving, effective communication, and intercultural communication).

  • Extensive Networks with Diverse Partners

The Faculty of International Communication and Culture has established a robust network of collaborations with various domestic and international agencies and organizations, including Vietnamese embassies abroad, foreign embassies in Vietnam, media agencies (such as Vietnam News Agency, Vietnam Television, Hanoi Television, Hanoi Moi Newspaper, The World and Vietnam Newspaper, Giao Thong Newspaper...), international organizations, non-governmental organizations and social enterprises (such as UNDP, Khau Pha Friends...), communication and marketing enterprises (such as Le Bros, Golden Bee, Sao Thang Tam...), and reputable universities worldwide (such as Monash University, Australia, Macquarie University, Australia, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand). This diverse network of partnerships facilitates students' exposure to leading experts in international communication and culture, both domestically and internationally, and provides avenues for internships and future career prospects.

Worshop on Marketing Stragegy 
  • Foundational Professional Knowledge

- Introduction to International Communication

- Introduction to International Public Relations 

- Cultural Diplomacy 

- Media strategic planning 

- International Communications Production 

- Globalization and Intercultural Communication 

- Social Media 

- Multimedia Communications 

  • Career-Oriented Professional Knowledge

(i) Professional International Communication

- Analysis of international events in the media 

- Communication and Social Development 

- Religions and International Relations 

(ii) International Marketing Communication

-Introduction to Marketing Communication 

- Digital Marketing

- Advertising


The Faculty of International Communication and Culture is one of the leading education institutions in the domain of international communication, harmonizing theoretical frameworks with practical application in the fields of international communication and cultural diplomacy. Equipped with robust knowledge, proficient skills, and fluency in foreign languages, graduates of the International Communication program can readily adapt and integrate into diverse professional environments. These encompass governmental agencies, enterprises, non-governmental organizations, international bodies, where they can assume various specific positions such as:

- Editors, reporters covering foreign affairs and international communication, public relations experts, foreign affairs media specialists, or international cooperation officers.

- Communications and  marketing staff for domestic and international enterprises, communication and advertising service providers, or self-established individual enterprises.

- Communication specialists and project coordinators in international organizations, non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations.

- Lecturers, researchers in fields related to journalism, communication, culture, diplomacy, and interdisciplinary fields in educational and research institutions both domestically and internationally.


Building upon their expertise, language proficiency, adaptability, and research skills, graduates of the International Communication program can pursue Master's and Ph.D. degrees in journalism, communication-related fields at training institutions domestically and internationally.

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