Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

09:34 01/11/2023

With a rich history spanning over 60 years of establishment and growth, our Bachelor’s Program in International Relations has solidified its leading status in nurturing expertise in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy within Vietnam. It not only equips students with specialized knowledge of international relations and foreign policy but also cultivates professional diplomatic skills and the capabilities to thrive in multicultural settings, thus laying a solid foundation for their career advancement upon graduation.

International Relations Students in discussion with Mr. Antoine Ripoli, Minister-Counselor for Parliamentary Relations at the EU Delegation to ASEAN
International Relations Students in discussion with Mr. Antoine Ripoli, Minister-Counselor for Parliamentary Relations at the EU Delegation to ASEAN


  • Exposure to diplomacy in action

Students pursuing the BA in International Relations at the Faculty of International Politics and Diplomacy have the opportunity to serve various significant international events held in Vietnam, such as summits within the frameworks of ASEAN, APEC, ASEM, Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) among others. Additionally, students, on a frequent basis, enjoy the privilege of attending talks and lectures delivered by guest speakers who are statesmen, high-ranking officials, and ambassadors working in or visiting Vietnam. Furthermore, they gain valuable insights from engaging in academic discussions with distinguished scholars in political science and international relations from prestigious universities and research institutions worldwide. They are also provided with the chance to participate in student exchange programs with esteemed institutions in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and other countries.

  • Professional lecturers with extensive practical experience in foreign affairs

The Faculty takes pride in its distinguished team of highly qualified and experienced lecturers having a wealth of academic expertise in International Relations garnered from prestigious institutions worldwide, including those in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Russia, Canada, Singapore, China, and India. Among them are also leading Professors and Associate Professors in International Relations in Vietnam alongside seasoned career diplomats who have represented Vietnam as ambassadors across the globe. Moreover, our lecturers are dedicated to rigorous academic inquiry, conducting research projects, authoring Politics and International Relations books, and publishing scholarly articles and research papers in reputable domestic and international journals, which have served as invaluable resources for students studying international relations, foreign policy, and diplomacy.

  • Holistic skill development

Students of International Relations are equipped with a comprehensive set of specialized skills essential to the discipline. These include skills of diplomatic service such as organizing international events, practicing diplomatic protocol and etiquette, mastering persuasion, negotiation, and mediation skills, as well as proficiency in strategic research and situational analysis… In addition to specialized professional skills, students are also encouraged to develop inter-disciplinary soft skills such as foreign language, teamwork, debate, presentation, and critical thinking. These skills are not only sharpened through academics but also through engagement in extracurricular such as debate competitions, Model United Nations (MUN), Model ASEAN Meeting, and membership in the Galileo Scientific Research Club. Moreover, students of the Faculty gain invaluable hands-on experiences through internship opportunities at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the DAV’s Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies and East Sea Institute, and representative offices of international organizations in Vietnam.

Teachers and Students from the Faculty of International Politics and Diplomacy in the DAV Open House 2023
Teachers and Students from the Faculty of International Politics and Diplomacy
in the DAV Open House 2023


General Professional Knowledge and Specialized Professional Knowledge

  • International Relations Theories
  • History of International Relations
  • Geo-politics in International Relations
  • Vietnam’s Foreign Policy
  • Multilateral Diplomacy
  • Global Governance
  • International Non-Governmental Organizations
  • International Institutions
  • Nationalism in International Relations
  • Courses on International Security
  • Courses on Regional Studies

Professional Skills

  • International Negotiations
  • Diplomatic Service
  • International Events Analysis
  • Academic Writing Skills in International Relations
  • Organization of International Events and Diplomatic Protocol


After graduation, students can take on various employment positions as follows:

- Desk-officers and experts in departments of foreign affairs for the Party, Ministries and line agencies of all levels. 

- Desk-officers, experts, project managers in inter-governmental organizations, international non-governmental organizations, embassies, and consulates in Vietnam.

- Admin staff, desk-officers, and project managers in the private sector (such as private enterprises, limited liability companies, joint venture companies, 100% foreign-invested firms), and state-owned enterprises, especially those having trade relations and international services.

- Lecturers and researchers in the field of political science and international relations… at universities and institutes at home and abroad.

- Editors, reporters, collaborators… for the mass media such as television and radio broadcasting companies, newspapers, and magazines, particularly those covering foreign affairs.


Equipped with professional knowledge and proficient foreign language, graduates - particularly those with High Distinction - can immediately pursue a Master’s or PhD degree in International Relations at universities, institutes, and other educational institutions at home and abroad.

Graduates have significant opportunities to win prestigious scholarships such as Fulbright (USA), Chevening (UK), AusAid (Australia), Eiffel (France), Erasmus Mundus (Europe) to undertake a Master’s or PhD study at renowned universities worldwide.

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