DAV English Majored Students Gain Ground on Multilateral Diplomacy

00:13 18/11/2020

Viet Nam has now fully integrated into international community in an active, proactive and vigorous manner. It is high time students who study diplomacy captured the essence of multilateral diplomacy. Such aspiration of the leaders of the Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam (DAV) was realised in the international workshop entitled “Enhancing the Role of Women in Peace and Security” held in Ha Noi on October 30th, 2020 with the participation of well-known speakers and experts in not only the fields of women, peace and security but also in multilateral diplomacy.

The workshop was organised in both an online and offline format. It was a good opportunity for the DAV final year students to make up ground on the composition and setup of an international workshop as well as to understand how the keynote speakers raised questions and found solutions. In addition, those seniors could gain precious knowledge on multilateral diplomacy within the framework of the United Nations and ASEAN, especifically about Vietnamese foreign policy.

DAV English majored students took a photo after the workshop

“This is a great opportunity for us to understand more about multilateral diplomacy and working agendas in international organisations. Lessons gained from such workshops would be our companion for future diplomatic activities.” said Le Nhat Truong, class monitor of TA44C. 

In recent years, students who study diplomacy have enjoyed more chances to attend international seminars. Through such events, students can improve their knowledge and understanding of Vietnamese foreign policy and learn more about opportunities and challenges that Viet Nam encounters during the integration process.

By Giang NĐN

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